The Glider










The first order of business was to un-pile the stack of parts that had accumulated on and around the Servi over the years.  Originally I had planned to put it back together and had purchased some of the missing pieces.

Ev004.jpg (462123 bytes)

The front forks that came on it were 4 inch over springer type with a skinny front wheel and the original would have been a "Duo-Glide" style with a wider front wheel.  I had purchased a "proper" front end for it from Ebay and so began to take the front end apart to make the swap.  I wanted to get the bike back to as close to the original geometry as possible and also to let it have the "look and feel" of a 1958 HD Servi-car.


A note on Ebay,  it is a very good source for any number of parts for most anything you want to work on.  I have found the majority of people are honest on there and with a small amount of caution it is secure.


Next problem to appear was the Duo-Glide front end had too long of a stem so the steering head bearings could not be snugged down.  So tear it apart and back to the lathe to extend the threads down the stem to fit the shorter neck.  As long as the front end is in pieces it is time to get them to a friend with a sand/bead blaster to clean them up and refresh the paint.

Ev020.jpg (473841 bytes)

When the Servi was purchased I found it only had one brake hooked up, and it was the left rear.  Nothing like a suicide wish in a panic stop, lock 'em up and get sent right into the oncoming lane of traffic.  This will have to be rectified before I even try a test drive.