Now to see what is going on.


I have finished up the control wiring and actually run it across the yard and down the street to the end of the block.  Along with the SRE control, I have the ProBit programmer which allows me to see the voltages and currents for both the battery and motor circuits as well as adjust the current limits and acceleration time.

Ev120.jpg (516233 bytes)

The ProBit is supplied with magnets on the back so it stays on the tank fairly well for test running.  The excess wires in the picture above are other signals available for the SRE and they will be removed when I am sure that I won't be wanting them later.

The speedometer that I had for the bike was broken inside so I was able to get a replacement.  Then I found that the drive gear had been replaced sometime earlier and they had used the wrong one.  Fortunately the driven gear was fiber and the one to get eaten up, not the one on the rear axel.  I was able to order the proper one for a replacement and it arrived yesterday.  I have not been able to get it out again to see what the speed might be.

Ebay came through again and I was able to get a 24V battery fuel gauge I am now waiting for a DC-DC converter so I can change plans and use 12 lights and horn.  This will mean 24 volts for the power relay and emergency disconnect and 12 volts for the lights and horn.

I was able to purchase some additional parts for the front end to mount the headlight and horn and such so will begin assembling them soon.