Sunset Moulding Company Live Oak CA

   We have just finished an additional Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) Moulding production line. This line is being designed to take sheets of MDF up to 5' by 18' and un-stack, cut, shape, sand, paint, dry, and buff it to produce mouldings for residential and commercial construction.

   The process is controlled by programmable logic controllers with most conveying motors controlled by adjustable frequency drives.

Sunsweet Growers Yuba City CA.

   We  are currently constructing new control panels for an upgrade to the wastewater treatment equipment to adjust the ph of the wastewater before it goes into the city sewer.  This will be a redundant control system with dual processors and a majority of the field devices duplicated.

Danna and Danna Inc. Yuba City

We just completed an upgrade to the walnut hulling and drying equipment.  Installing the wiring for a new color sorting system and simplifying the controls on the entire process.

Current Projects

A few of our current automation projects are listed on this page.

Typical Control Panel

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Custom Cable-trak built to protect wiring to a moving  9000# scissor-lift at Sunset Moulding

3 Zone Dryer Panel