We are a full service electrical contractor specializing in electronic controls and licensed by the State of California under classification C10 Lic. #507136.  We carry workman's compensation and general liability insurance.  Industrial Electronics was opened in 1987.  The firm is a member of the National Electrical Contractors Association.  We have equipment to do computer aided drafting (CAD), engraved plastic laminate nameplates, and software to program several brands of programmable controllers in our office.  We can do custom drawings, labels, and programs as needed.

        Service work is performed at $75.00 per hour.

        No extra charges for "after hours" or weekend emergency

        calls.  Programming will be charged at $100.00 per hour.

        Scheduled work that is required to be performed after

        hours or on Saturdays will be charged at one and one half

        times the basic daily rate ($112.50). Work that is required

        to be performed on Sundays will be charged at double the

        basic daily rate ($150.00).  Time is charged from the time

        we leave the shop or another job until your call is com-

        pleted, (we split the travel time with you).  Minimum call

        is normally one hour, over one hour is taken to the quar-

        ter hour.  We will take some calls on speculation, if we

        find that we cannot solve the problem we won't charge

        you.  This type of call will have a lower priority than nor-

        mal service calls.  We cannot, therefore, offer this when

        we are loaded up with normal calls. If you feel it is such

        an emergency that we must pull off of another job, then

        we will have to charge for the call.

We reserve the right to refuse calls to customers who can only find our number on evenings and weekends or who do not pay their bills when due.  We don't enjoy the midnight calls but we do try to be accommodating.  We only send out one invoice and expect payment to be made from the invoice.  We do not have the time or desire to send out repeated billings or statements.  You may expect us to respond to your service requests on a single call, and we require that you pay from one bill and in a timely manner.

Parts and material prices are based on what we have to pay for the material not on a "book" price.

Our phone is answered twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week by an answering service with radio communication to all employees.  In an emergency they will make every attempt to contact one of them while you are still on the phone. 

Charges are due on presentation of the invoice unless prior written agreement has been made by both parties.

Pricing and information

No extra charges for after hours or weekend "emergency" calls

Phone: 530-674-1940
Fax: 530-846-4298

Contractors License C10 507136

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