The brakes needed to be addressed since the prior owner of the Servi had only had the left rear brake hooked up.  He had tried to fit a different style master cylinder to the front of the foot board and somewhere along the line the original rear master cylinder mount was cut off of the frame.  I was not interested in making a sharp left turn into oncoming traffic if I ever get into a panic stop situation.  Since I have some good manuals for the Servi as well as another one with hydraulic rear brakes, I was able to fabricate a mount and linkage for the rear master cylinder.  The mount is just barely showing in the picture below.

Ev042.jpg (438880 bytes)

The linkage from the master cylinder was also needed and I was able to fabricate one out of 1/4" welding rod as seen in the next photo connecting the brake pedal to the master cylinder operating lever.  The end fittings were ordered from McMaster Carr Company.

EV052.jpg (537976 bytes)

The wheel cylinder on the right rear wheel was in need of a kit or replacement and amazingly enough the local auto parts store had both options available from the casting number on the cylinder.  I went with the kit and may end up putting a kit in the master cylinder as well.  The local Harley Davidson dealer is not at all interested in anything other than selling new bikes and accessories so I didn't even try there.  I have tried other parts requests there and the stock answer is "obsolete, no longer available".